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Projection (проекция)
одна из нескольких моделей потенциальных реакций, когда мы испытываем беспокойство. Мы, согласно теории, приписываем личные ошибки и слабости чему-то потустороннему. Мы можем, к примеру, обвинять других в том, в чем, на самом деле, сами виноваты. Явление описано Зигмундом Фрейдом (1856—1939).

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2009. 04. 050. Лесней С. Демографические прогнозы для Европы. Laisney C. une projection demographiqu

Куликова С. Н.
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Projection of the Russian economic development in the framework of the optimal control model by inve

Tarasyev Alexander Mikhajlovich, Usova Anastasy Aleksandrovna, Shmotina Yulia Valer’evna
In this paper, we develop an economic growth model taking into account two factors of production: fixed capital and labor force, to study the dynamics of GDP growth.
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Analysis and projection of economic activity in Russian machine manufacturing

Gorodetskaya Olga Stanislavovna
The article presents the results of the analysis of entrepreneurship in machine manufacturing in the Russian Federation and its elements (organizational and innovating potential, entrepreneurial environment, social and economic ef
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Some demographic changes in the population of Montenegro with the projection of future demographic d

Резкие демографические изменения, через которые в последнее десятилетие прошло черногорское общество, последствия, возникающие в связи с новыми реалиями, требуют серьезного социально-политического взаимодействия.
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Calculation of conformal cylindrical projection for 1 : 200 000 scale topographic map of Mongolia

Oyuntsetseg Dash, Erdenechimeg Purevjav
Transformation parameters for the coordinate systems in Mongolia are discussed. Up to now there is no clarity of parameter transformation for medium-scale topographic mapping.
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Socio-cultural projection of the new library in the information society

Gushul Yulia Vladimirovna
Article calls upon the scientific community to continue discuss about the role of libraries in the modern world, its development trends and opportunities for social and cultural design of the library in the information society.
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Optimization strategies of guaranteed result for investment projecting processes

Butsenko Elena V., Shorikov Anrey F.
In current economic conditions the improvement of investment projecting process is an essential element of efficient control.
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Projecting the global macroeconomic dynamics under high-end temperature scenarios and strongly nonli

Kovalevsky D.V., Kuzmina S.I., Bobylev L.P.
Projections of the gross world product (GWP) for the 21st century are computed on a simple climate–macroeconomic model using different global mean surface air temperature projections provided by General Circulation Models (GCMs) a
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Projecting “soft power:” American and Russian public diplomacy in post-Soviet Central Asia

Fominykh Alexey
The April 2010 coup in Kyrgyzstan and the ethnic clashes in the south in June attracted a lot of media and academic attention.