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Informational provision as the factor of effective cooperation between the subject and object in the

Netreba I.
The article reveals: ITsignificance for providing of effective communications in business management system; approach analysis for specification of such categories as "economic information", "information support", "information man
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The concept of the eco-economic system as a management object

Сыромятникова О. П.
Проблемы экологии остаются одной из наиболее острых проблем сегодняшнего дня, имеющих огромное социальное и экономическое значение.
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Analysis of an enterprise which is an object for a merger and an acquisition

Sonnikova A. V.
Methodology of an enterprise activities analysis preventing a merger or an acquisition is presented. This analysis serves as the instrument for corporate finance management at the market for corporate control.
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Boundary territories as object of economic safety of the State are in context of transboundary coope

Verbovska L. S.
In article the basic approaches concerning economic safety in boundary territories through formation of association of euroregions within the limits of transboundary cooperation are considered.
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Information space of the enterprise as object of management

Chala O. V.
Essence of concept "informative space" is examined in the article. Determination of informative space is offered as the structured aggregate of information holding objects and methods of their organization.
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Property of the corporative structures as object of management

Tkachuk I.
Forming of concept « property » is analysed in the article, the constituents of property of corporate structures, its feature and management the objects of property of corporate structures are considered.
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The CrossRef Agency has assigned doi (digital object identifier) to the Law and modern states Journa

Khidzev Alimbek Tuzemovich
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Schensnovich Valentina
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Subject, object and tasks of the marketing audit

Fayzulayeva K.
In the article issues of the marketing audit theory are considered. Views of different authors on the tasks and objects of the marketing audit and marketing control are suggested.
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The intellectual capital as the object of protection in financial safety system

Zhuravleva I. V.
The article is devoted to theoretical methodical approach to definition of essence of the intellectual capital as object of protection in financial safety system, is developed the conceptual model of structure of the enterprises i
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Small innovative entrepreneurship as an object of government innovation policy

Tulku Y. I.
The article analyses the essence of small innovative entrepreneurship and its peculiarities, also defines basic criteria, which help to identify this business category.
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Regional transport and logistic center as a subject and object of partnership

Ustenko M. O.
In the article the questions of forming of partner relations are considered at regional level within the framework of functioning of regional transport-logistic center; the levels of partner relations of regional transport-logisti

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