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Lean supply chain design principles
Kozlov Aleksandr Gennadievich
The article presents a set of principles, which can guide the design of lean supply chains. The author divides design principles into 3 main categories.
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Logistics supply chains and their application
Petreski Drage T., Iliev Andrej P., Gjurov Lazar M., Petreska Aleksandra D.
Logistics is a set of activities for planning and implementing the relocation of materials.
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Working Capital Optimization in Supply Chains
Nikolay Zenkevich, Anastasiia Ivakina
This article is devoted to working capital management and its optimization on an inter-organizational level when supply chain members operate collaboratively.
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Warehouses and cargo terminals in supply chains
Malikov Oleg B.
Warehouses and cargo terminals of transport sphere, which play an important role in the logistics of delivery systems, are considered within the context of the theory of warehouse systems.
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Discussing global challenges in the supply chain
Kachina Y.V., Kachin V.V., Shchegoleva T.V.
The article discusses major challenges that face suppliers and their procurement departments in the global environment today.
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Relational exchange in supply chains and its constitutive elements
Радаев Вадим Валерьевич
This paper examines theoretical issues of direct interfirm exchange in supply chains and focuses upon the relational aspect of embeddedness.
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Simulation modelling of supply chain with allowance of reliability
Lukinskiy Valery S., Panova Yulia, Soletskiy Rustam
This study considers terms of supply chain and its reliability, inventory management strategies, as well as examines the ‘bullwhip effect’.
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Management of sustainable innovation and risk in global supply chain
Korostyshevskaya E.M., Trifonova N.V., Proshkina A.S.
The paper analyses the role of innovations in the implementation of sustainability concept in terms of logistics and supply chain management.
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A conceptual framework for healthcare Supply chain Management research
Stratieva S.
In the last two decades, topics related to costs and quality of healthcare have been the subjects of increased debate.
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Logistics and supply chain management in Theatre Technical Corporation
Smirnov Sergei
The transportation issues of the companies, doing business in Russia, are analyzed from the case study of Theatre Technical Corporation.
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Jung Verena, Vredeveld Tjark, Peeters Marianne
Due to a constantly growing competition among organizations and higher customer expectations, in the course of the last decades companies started to realize the need for supply chain collaboration (SCC).
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Veselova A.S., Logacheva A.V., Aray Yu. N.
Companies from emerging markets attract more and more attention both from scholars and business people. It happens due to their active growth and increasing influence on world economy.
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Is supply chain Finance ready to be applied in small and medium-sized enterprizes?
Jansen J.H.
This article provides an overview of the main ingredients of the new academic topic of supply chain finance (SCF), as well as a practical case study in order to illustrate the state of the art of its business implementation at an
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Supply chain management organization in corporative structures development mechanism
Goncharenko N. G., Naumenko M. O.
Recommendations for creation and use the marketing mechanism of supply chain management is designed. The typology logistical relations is motivated.
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The role of supply chain sustainability in strengthening the business competitiveness
Kitrish E.
Менеджери підприємств, а також їх інвестори та інші зацікавлені сторони все більше стурбовані потенційними ризиками, що пов'язані з діяльністю компанії в межах її ланцюгів постачань.