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Investments in human capital

Tsoy Marina Petrovna, Bakieva Rakhila Balabekovna
The article considers the role and value of investments in the educational system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The advantages and disadvantages of the educational process are noted based on the experience of foreign countries.
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Return of investments in human capital

Markovska Veneta Metodieva
This paper discusses different approaches that can be used to estimate return of investment in human capital.
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Problems in human capital investments Analysis

Markovska Veneta Metodieva
This paper is dedicated to analyzing problems related to investing in human capital.
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Assessment of investment in human capital efficiency

Kolyadin A. Р.
The paper examines educational events at enterprises as an investment process.
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A. M. Fomina
An unusual form of financing investment is leasing – long -term lease of movable and immovable property. In this article the main points of leasing transaction and obligations of each side were described.
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Cost assessment of gold ore deposits adjusted for capital investments

Andrei Yu. Zaytsev
The paper focuses on the problems of geologic and economic assessment of mineral deposits.
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Foreign Investments: Old strategy for raising capital remains in place

Maria Akulova
In 2014, inflows of foreign investments in Belarus remained insignificant. Privatization was still regarded only as a fiscal instrument, which is why there were no significant privatization transactions.
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Human capital investments and the firm competitiveness during the downturn

Krydowski Maciej
В период экономического кризиса, который в разной степени повлиял на большую часть польских предприятий, многие работодатели стали перед необходимостью принятия сложных кадровых решений.
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Lifelong Education in Russia: human capital investment trends and its efficiency

Didenko Dmitry V.
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The investigation of the efficiency of public investment in the human capital development

Ageenko Anna Vasil'Evna
The effectiveness of the economy social sector is a key factor in ensuring a decent standard of living and competitiveness of municipalities in the struggle for the human capital. It depends on the quality of social services.
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Investment efficiency evaluation in capital assets reproduction in agriculture of the Orel region

Pronyaeva L. I., Nozdrunova N. G.
Currently, despite support from the state, agriculture is characterized by low levels of completeness of production means. Most of the fleet business in this sphere is worn out and should be faced out.
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The German model of capitalism and the persistence of outward foreign direct investment: evidence fr

Bohl Martin T., Mcdonald Frank , Tuselmann Heinz-josef , Voronkova Svitlana , Windrum Paul
Against the backdrop of critique on the German model of capitalism in general, and German public policy in particular as to the ability to successfully adjust to rapid change and exogenous shocks in wake of economic globalisation,
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Instrumentation accounting and audit of capital investments in the investment project for the produc

Balan A.S., Polyakova V.A.
The article studied accounting and audit toolkit capital investment in the investment project for the production of biofuels. Biofuel today remains the focus of many researchers.
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A Neural network analysis of the fixed capital investment trends in regions of the Russian Federatio

Kuznetsov Yu.A., Perova V.I., Lastochkina E.I.
Importance The article considers the changes in and characteristics of the investment activities and behavior of the Russian Federation regions.

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