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Modern Lithuanian foreign policy: the adjustment of traditional policy

Batorshina Irina A., Volovoy Vadim
The authors consider the core areas of Lithuanian foreign policy.
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Theoretical basics of the research of structural adjustments mechanism in economy

Pikus A.
Theoretical basics of the research of structural adjustments mechanism in an economy are studied thru interaction of its subjects and objects.
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Le Vinh Truong
There have been many explanation for the China –Vietnam war in 1979. The approaches are various and multi-faceted concerning the reasons, process and consequences of the war.
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A threshold cointegration analysis of asymmetric adjustments in the Ghanaian maize markets

Acquah Henry De-graft
This paper analyzes the long-run equilibrium relationship between retail and wholesale Ghanaian maize prices with cointegration test assuming asymmetric adjustment.
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From Central Asia to Great Central Asia: the goals and adjustments of U. S. Central Asian strategy

Tian Robert Guang
To penetrate and maintain peaceful development of the Central Asian region is a consistent goal of the United States for its international interests.
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2008. 03. 031. Урегулирование внешних дисбалансов в глобализированном мире. Adjustment of global imb

Луцкая Е. Е.
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An empirical study of country risk adjustments to market multiples valuation in emerging markets: th

Ивашковская Ирина Васильевна, Кузнецов И. А.
Valuation in emerging markets is always a challenge.
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Tax-deductible expenses adjustment and failure to pay practical application and tax optimisation pos

Reduction of payment backlogs issuing from failure to pay or from too long maturity dates was assumed to be effected by some provisions of the Act on the reduction of some of the administrative burden in the economy, introducing,
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Internationalization: cultural adjustment of foreign students in the Estonian higher educational con

Matvejeva Elena , Nekrassova Natalja , Miller Leon M.
There are a growing number of research articles pointing out the challenges university systems face that are connected with the increasing internationalization of education.