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* Advance Corporation Tax
авансовый корпорационный налог (Великобритания): налог, уплачиваемый при выплате дивидендов и равный сумме нетто-дивидендов, помноженной на частное от деления базовой ставки подоходного налога на чистый доход акционеров (напр., при ставке в 30% сумма дивидендов умножается на 30/70); уплаченные суммы учитываются при исчислении корпорационного налога;
* Association of Corporate Treasurers
Ассоциация казначеев (финансовых директоров) корпораций в Великобритании (создана в 1979 г.)

Источник: Словарь акронимов и аббреиатур, используемых в банковской и финансовой деятельности (Glossary of International Banking & Finance Acronyms and Abbreviations)

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Lyndon B. Johnson and the civil right Act of 1964
Karatzas Konstantinos D.
The Civil Rights Movement is deeply intertwined with Lyndon B. Johnson. Throughout his career, Johnson supported the quest of African-Americans for political and civil rights.
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Concept of circumstances excluding criminality of act
Sevastyanov Alexander P., Kondrashov Andrey A.
Nowadays, it is given a lot of attention in literature to the circumstances excluding criminality of act. However, the majority of publications on the given issue concern separate circumstances that refer to the given category.
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Some legal aspects of the Justice against sponsors of terrorism act
Fahmy Walid
Following the lead of the U.S.
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Mickiewicz Lyudmila A.
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Legal review as a condition to ensure quality of the regulatory legal act
Tikhomirov Yuri Aleksandrovich
The author considers in sequence the concept, subject-matter and object of the state expertise; rights and obligations of the ordering party and the executor of the expertise.
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Sustainable development: think global, act local - a case study in Ighiu, Romania
Baltador Lia Alexandra
Sustainable development refers to the fair usage of the resources, so that future generations can be able to satisfy their needs, as well.
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Extremism, terrorosm, terrorist activity and terrorist act: correlation of notions
Galkin Alexey
The article deals with concepts such as extremism, terrorism, terrorist activities and terrorist acts. A ratio of these concepts.
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Gender quota in German corporate law - amendments in the so-called participation act
Брайг Б.
Статья посвящена новеллам, введенным в 2015 году в Закон об акционерных обществах и в ряд других законов.
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Climate change adaptation in developing countries: does globalization act as facilitator?
Khan Mohammad Mohabbat, Islam Md. Shahriar
Globalization has brought countries closer in terms of business, trade, technology, knowledge, policies and relations.
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The Nigerian child’s rights Act and rights of the disabled child: a necessity or surplusage?
Ajanwachuku Michael Akpa
The rights of the Nigerian child are set out in the Child’s Rights Act, 2003. The Act made specific provisions for the rights of the disabled child.
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The conscription act of April 1862 as a constitutional challenge in the Confederate revolution
Powell Michael A.
In the years leading up to the American Civil War, the South was sensitive to state rights, focusing particularly over the issue of slavery.
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The impact of the Russian civil judicial proceedings act of 1864 on the Polish civil proceedings
Rylski Piotr, Weitz Karol
This paper describes the influence, which had already been exerted, and which is still exerted by the Russian Civil Judicial Proceedings Act of November 20, 1864 (CJPA) on the Polish civil proceedings.
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USA patriot Act (H. R. 3162) и его особое значение для организации государственного противодействия
Колобов О. А.
Рассматривается специфика нормотворчества государственной контртеррористической деятельности США после 11 сентября 2001 г.
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To what extent does English law protect the rights of children when they are accused of criminal act
Trufanova Tatiana Vladimirovna, Vashchekin Andrew Nikolaevich
In this article, the aim is to assess, how English law protect the rights of children when they are accused of criminal acts. Furthermore, in this article will be demonstrate offenders and punishments for them.
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Великий разрыв между прошлым и будущим рецензия на: Фукуяма Ф. Великий разрыв. М. : act, 2003. 474 с
Латова Н. В.